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Nicci Gilbert sues STARZ and Lionsgate for copyright infringement in the ‘P-Valley’ series.


P-Valley is likely to be the biggest surprise of 2020. Katori Hall is the creator of the Starz series. It’s based on her play P. Valley, which she wrote in 2015. Employees of The Pynk, a strip club in Chucalissa, Mississippi, are the focus of the episode. However, the show is now being chastised for being a rip-off. Nicci Gilbert, a well-known vocalist from the 1990s R&B group Brownstone, claims that the show is a clear rip-off of her stage act.

Gilbert has filed a lawsuit in Atlanta, Georgia against Lionsgate Entertainment and Starz over the show, according to Yahoo.
She claims the show is a carbon replica of Soul Kittens Cabaret, a musical theater play she wrote. In 2011, the musical was released on DVD.

P-Valley is a “veritable unauthorized 2020 knock-off of Plaintiff’s ‘Soul Kittens Cabaret,'” according to Gibert.
“Plaintiff’s works were deliberately and illegally utilized to construct the ‘P-Valley’ television series,” she claims.

According to Gilbert, she had a pitch meeting with the network years ago. “During the Lionsgate SKC Pitch, Feltheimer expressed enthusiasm and interest in scripting ‘SKC’ as a musical drama series for Lionsgate,” according to the lawsuit. “He even remarked that he enjoyed the character entitled ‘Tata Burlesque.'”

“Feltheimer went on to say that he enjoys reading scripts and that he would read it over the weekend, share it with the Lionsgate team, and follow up with Bobbit.”
Gilbert, on the other hand, claims she never received a response following the encounter.

Gilbert has a 40-minute video of sequences from her play with verbatim verbiage and similarities to the show, according to YouTube personality Funky Dineva, who is pals with Gilbert.
In the video, he also claims that the creator of P-Valley hired a consultant for the show who was a star in Gilbert’s play.

Gilbert is seeking both monetary and statutory damages. She’s also asking for a jury trial to hear her case in the civil complaint.


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